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National Page of Tajikistan

National representative

Mr. Tengniev Kholmakhmad Аhmadovich

Name: Mr. Tengniev Kholmakhmad Аhmadovich
Position: Chairman
Organization: Tajikistan Blind Union (the regional office of Dushanbe)
Address: Dushanbe, Str. Karamova, 205, Tajikistan
Phone: 0058 992 37-600-41-51, 37-919-00-21-50

Boarding schools for blind and visually impaired children

Gissarsky Republican boarding school. At this school 110 children with infringement of sight from them 59 visually impaired and 51 not able to see are at present trained. At this school train children with 1st on 12th class. The school was formed in 1961. In the first year of formation of school in it of all 14 children from them 2 girls were trained. Teachers were only 2. Both are blind. The Gissarsky school is on care of Ministry of Education RT. 12 teachers of this school have a rank of honors pupils of education RT.

The Isfarinsky boarding school was formed in 1987. In it 82 persons are trained. Training passes in this school with 1st on 11th class. The Isfarinsky boarding school is on care of department of formation of the city of Isfary. In 2007 two pupils of this school have taken part at the international competitions on table tennis, in China and both have taken the third places and have received bronze medals. Two teachers of this school have a rank of the honours pupil education RТ. Goibnazarov Chamolidin Boboevich and Rakhmonov Sultonhucha. With 1987 on 2008 27 pupils of this school have received the higher and average vocational education.

The Hudzhandsky boarding school was formed in 2001 There are 66 children-invalids are trained at this school from 1st to 11th class. Also there is a kindergarten for blind children. In this garden for blind and visually impaired children 34 children. From them 10 children with disease of a children's cerebral paralysis, and 24 from them blind and visually impaired. The Hudzhandsky boarding school is on care of department of formation of a city of Khojend. During school formation of one studying has arrived in HIGH SCHOOL.

Dushanbinsky boarding school: 74 schoolboys are trained, training passes in this school with 1st on 4th class - is based 08.08.2004 years under №271. The Dushanbinsky boarding school is on care of department of formation of area Sino. One teacher of this school has a rank of the honours pupil of educationRT: Shoev Goib Kurbanovich.

Tajikistan Blind Union (The Regional Office of Dushanbe)


  1. The Central Processing Unit - the Central Board
  2. TSB - the Tadjik Society Blind
  3. POBRT- Public organization Blind Republics Tajikistan
  4. EIE - the Educational Industrial Enterprise
  5. FC- Female Committee
  6. YC - Youth Committee
  7. Recreation centre - Children's committee
  8. BPOBRT - Branch of Public organization Blind Republics Tajikistan
  9. AUB- the Asian Union Blind
  10. WUB - the World Union Blind
  11. PLP - People with the Limited Possibilities

The information of Public organisation Blind Republics Tajikistan

The central Board of Public organisation Blind Republics of Tajikistan has been formed in 1937 and last time has been re-registered on December, 4th, 2007 at number 367 in the Republic Tajikistan Ministry of Justice.

Now members of our organisation are 9832 invalids of 1-2 groups on the sight, consisting on the account in 20 organisations which are branches of our organisation.

Problem of our organisation is to reveal, consider invalids on sight, and also the Organization carries out actions for social rehabilitation of the blind: assistance to their employment, vocational training, assistance to members of a society in increase of their formation. Promotes blind and visually impaired children in receipt in schools, in HIGH SCHOOLS etc., trains blind invalids in protection of the legal rights in a society. Helps needy invalids the humanitarian help, material aid, organises health groups, courses on social rehabilitation, on training of system Brajlja, orientation, training English - informal conversation, release of textbooks on system Brajlja, carries out other actions, leisure etc.

Work all from 9832 - ух 1888 persons

On a nationality

By training

Sportsmens - 248

TBU has 20 Branches in the sub regions, 11 enterprises, 1 printing house, 2 correspondence schools, and specialized classes at mass schools.
In 1967 the Tadjik society of the blind has opened printing house for the press of books on system Brajlja. The first book on system Brajlja in the Tadjik language has been printed in 1969. This was the art book for children under the name "Squash" - that in transfer "calf". And in 1974 the printing house has started to duplicate textbooks for blind and visually impaired children, for the further distribution to specialised schools boarding schools for blind and visually impaired children and in evening schools for blind youth. The republican boarding school for blind and visually impaired children has been opened in 1961, and the first textbooks have been published in 1974. Therefore 12 years children were trained under books in Russian.

In days of the existence the Public organisation Blind could organise Republics of Tajikistan at support of the Government of Republic and the Ministry of Education of Republic Tajikistan of 4 specialised boarding schools for blind and visually impaired children. For today at these schools 330 children who have visual infringement are trained. But, unfortunately, till now it is felt, what not all blind children are captured in formation reception in our Republic. As the statistics shows, that all till today among those people who consist on the account in a society of blind, 2,6 % have higher education. It would be desirable to result in more details examples on those researches which were spent with 2003 for 2008.

It means, that from those Invalids which consist on the account in our organization of everything, 2,6 % have higher education, 7,3 % have the average vocational education, 66,2 % have secondary education, 13,8 % have an elementary education and 10,1 % have no what formation. In this connection, among ours бенефициаров in a considerable quantity unemployment and illiteracy is felt. We cannot lower only with opening of specialized schools level of illiteracy of people with visual infringements. Especially those branches which cover the people living in rural and mountain districts face these difficulties. In many mountain areas, such as, Maschoh, Ainy, Zafarobod, Ishkoshim, Rushon, Murghab, Chirgatol, Muminabad, Khovaling,Tavildara, Tochikobod, Garm etc. Blind children, because of economic complexities of the parents, do not go to specialised schools for blind and visually impaired children, it means, that they do not get any education.

It was possible to realise to us at support of the governmental and international organisations some projects in various spheres. Within 7-8 th years we could realise some projects in an education sphere, medicine, social rehabilitation etc. Including in 2001-2002-s' years worked with International Organization ORA Interneshnl in realisation of the medical project and could help with inspection more than 120 invalids on sight and as have operated to 27 our invalids of an eye with various diseases. In 2003 also we have spent a curriculum English - informal conversation of housekeeping and music for youth. Have started to let out under the new program which is accepted from the Ministry of Education of Republic Tajikistan textbooks on system Brajlja for 1-3 classes for the blind and visually impaired children trained in 4 boarding schools in our Republic. At support of the Tadjik Branch of Institute of the Open Society of Fund of Assistance (fund SOROS). Also in 2003 the seminar-training on preparations of leaders in the organisations blind by means of the Asian Union Blind has been spent. In 2004-2005 we have continued a curriculum of English - informal conversation, at support of Embassy of the USA in Tajikistan.

2006 for our organisation was successful year as we have started to realise simultaneously some projects. We managed to open studio «Speaking books», at support of National Social Investment Fund of Tajikistan. Have got new technologies, it would be desirable to notice, that studio creation «Speaking books» for our society was the big event. Under the spent analyses of such studio till that time it has not been created not in one society blind on It is central to the Asian Region. For today in this studio register, in the form of audio sit fairy tales, stories, poems, novels, classical and modern poets and writers on a national language and stand out all to ours бенефициарам on a charitable basis.

By means of National Social Investment Fund of Tajikistan we had been held a seminar on problems of invalids on sight with participation of representatives 9 branches of Public organisation Blind Republic Tajikistan and more than 25 international organisations which exist in a city of Dushanbe. The public organisation Blind РТ, also in 2006 has got uchebno-visual aids for blind people. Including: canes, the alphabet, devices, slate pencils, magnifiers, notebooks on system Brajlja etc. in small quantity which have been given out all boarding schools in the form of humanitarian support.

After disintegration of Soviet Union the press of textbooks has stopped for 13 years. But thanks to Embassy of Japan in Republics Tajikistan in 2006 it has been published 5371 textbooks under the new program. This event is important for our society as children were trained till now under textbooks with the old program. And these textbooks were розданы to all specialised schools on a charitable basis. Same year the policy English - informal conversation for ours бенефициаров has been followed at support of Finnish fund "Абилис".

Also in 2006 at support of the Asian Union Blind 2 seminars have been spent. 1st - a youth seminar with participation of representatives from 4 Republics of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan), 2nd seminar is a female seminar, on a theme of "the Right of women of invalids». On which representatives 9 branches of our organisation participated.

In 2007, at support of representatives of the World Bank in Tajikistan, one more seminar has been held on revealing of problems of blind invalids. On which учувствовали representatives of all our branches. Also with participation of the qualified lawyers-advisers under laws РТ in relation to people with the limited possibilities. Following the results of the spent seminar there was выпушена a brochure under the name «Will touch and to see». In this brochure themes have been lifted:

In November, 2007 at support of the Swiss Agency on development, we had been opened a course on training of the computer for blind youth.

In 2008 the Asian Union Blind had been supported the project of training of the computer by means of a sound prefix «JAWS». Also in honour of "Day of the White cane» and the 200 anniversary from the date of a birth of the great French scientist, the founder of system Brail for blind Луи Брайля, republican competition on culture and art among the blind on October, 11th has been held. After carrying out of this competition, the concert of winners of competition and stars of the Tadjik platform on the big scene has been organised.

Thanks to the spent projects a little we invalids have arrived in HIGH SCHOOLS on faculties of English language, history, jurisprudence, music and singing. And now these young men are trained in such HIGH SCHOOLS as: the Tadjik Slavic University, the Tadjik State National University, Pedagogical University of a name of S.Ajni etc.

For today at Public organization Blind Republics of Tajikistan exists 11 - the enterprises for blind people. Since times of Soviet Union our industrial enterprises let out production following: can covers, cords, folders, sockets, clothespins, switches, stoppers for glass bottles, paths etc. But, unfortunately, for today not all these enterprises because of shortage of means and raw materials, out-of-date technologies, do not function or those profiles which let out, some of these enterprises do not meet the requirements of market economy. It means, that let out profiles are realised with difficulties. 25 % are withdrawn from all these industrial enterprises taxes, for ФСЗН, however the payment of such percent of taxes leads not to functioning of these industrial enterprises. Also it would be good, if from the state the enterprises for the repayment of our profile are supported.

Experience of other foreign states shows, that we also should pass to new system on professional trainings and to employment of ours invallids. In many developing states blind, getting the necessary education, work in various spheres among healthy people. For example: translators, programmers, masseurs, lawyers, teachers psychologists etc. But in ours It is central the Asian States, we underline each time, that people with the limited possibilities are considered as not separated part of a society, but not in one Is central the Asian State as in other developing states, laws on 2-3 % to a quota the law is not passed about employment of people with the limited possibilities. Even if these laws are accepted, much to our regret, these laws do not function. Not one of the state, commercial establishments is not observed by these specifications. It means, what not one of invalids cannot get now education as other healthy people. Or to found a job in any of these enterprises, for what speciality they have. On December, 13th, 2006 at 61 session to general assembly of the United Nations the convention on protection of rights ЛОВ has been accepted. Unfortunately, till today this convention is ratified only in Republics Turkmenistans on September, 4th, 2008, and in the others Is central the Asian republics work on acceptance of this convention is conducted.

In this connection on равне with specialised schools we should since establishments of preschool age having finished in mass schools, should organise the integrated schools among healthy and children with the limited possibilities in reception formations. That they could receive further higher education on the same level among healthy young men in various HIGH SCHOOLS. But for this purpose it is necessary to prepare experts for training of children with sight infringement. The respective literature and teaching materials also should be issued, is carried out trainings for work and their training. Несмотря, on all these complexities, our organisation aspires to revealing of problems and their discharges.

At CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT OOS RT on today's put there are 4 committees.
The female committee has been created on December, 6th, 2003. On account ЖК 3758 women on republics consist. Their number includes all girls and women without restriction on age. ЖК promotes women in the decision of legal family, economic and other problems. ЖК regularly carries out various action. In honour of holidays, such as on March, 8th, day of a white cane and so on.

The youth committee has been created in 2005. On account МК consist young men with 16 till 35 years. All them 3504 on republics. МК receipt in HIGH SCHOOLS promotes in increase of formation of youth. Also carries out actions, such as day of youth.

The children's committee has been created in 2005, on the recreation centre account 1043 children from 1 year till 16 years consist. The recreation centre organises various children's actions, is engaged in the device of children in schools and so on.

The committee on technologies has been created in 2005. This committee is engaged in consideration of problems on technologies at the enterprises.

The management of our organisation plans proceeding from ideas of our initiative groups which exists at Public organisation of Blind Tajikistan to continue realisation of other projects in sphere of social rehabilitation, mobility and orientation, in reception инклюзивного formations, improvements of activity industrial the enterprise etc.

Continuation training of computers for is total blind people at support of the vocal program «JAWS»: In all other developing states blind people the works on the speciality carry out all at support of computers. We also very much would like, that our people with visual infringements could work on computers with program support «JAWS». With training of the computer we can raise an educational level among blind companions. As they can work further as teachers on computer training, let out textbooks by means of printers on system Brajlja and also can independently use the Internet and get the necessary information for itself on the speciality.

Course opening on training to system Brajlja for the people working with blind invalids and late gone blind people: the carried out analyses show, that many healthy teachers who work with blind children do not know system Brajlja. On that system which, blind children get education and cannot conduct the control over these children, whether correctly they write or read on system Brajlja. Especially, in last year huge shortage of shots on this system in specialised establishments where it is trained such children.

Opening of courses on training of massage among blind people: blind also can work in medicine sphere, masseurs in any of clinics where are ready to accept such experts. For today in our Republic 3-4 persons have such medical education and work only in-home under the private order. But further it would be better, if we prepare such experts more that the blind could found a job, in those clinics which are ready to accept such experts.

Centre opening on social rehabilitation: we can help these blind with orientation and mobility improvement. As at many blind the weak feeling of a brush of hands is felt after a birth, in the identification of letters and many blind girls cannot independently be prepared for home life. Have no idea about cooking, knittings, sewing etc. the Worst when the blind girl at home life creation is not ready to independence. Also we at the centre should organize courses on preparations of instructors on social rehabilitation for work with such people.

Opening of the legal centre: opening of the legal centre we will help our beneficiaries with information reception under laws accepted from a legislature. And even they can further, using opening of such centre to arrive in faculties of law in HIGH SCHOOLS.

Acquisitions of miniprinting house, printers, the display on system Brail, a special paper, reading machines and other special aids.

All these offered ideas prompt to us, that till now blind people have problems and we are ready to cooperation with any of the donor organizations which work for a raising of an educational level with people with the limited possibilities.