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National Page of Hungary

National representatives

Mrs. Judit Gombas PhD

Name: Mrs. Judit Gombas PhD
Organization: ELTE University, Barczi Gusztav Faculty of Special Education
Address: 1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 3., Hungary
Phone: 00 36 302444983

Educational institutions

Kindergarten, Primary and Vocational School, Unified Methodological Centre for Special Education, Childcare Centre and Dormitory for the Blind
Address: 1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 39.
Tel: +36/1-363-3343
The institution is open for blind and low vision students from all over Hungary. It is the only school which serves blind, deafblind and multiple disabled students in the country. The institution gives home also to the Pedagogical Inspection Service of Budapest, Vision Assessment, Special Educational Advisory Centre, Early Intervention, Educational-Pedagogical Service, which is responsible for measuring visual functions of children aged 0-16 and provides early intervention services for those aged 0-6.

Primary and Residential School and Unified Methodological Centre for the Partially Sighted
Address: 1147 Budapest, Miskolci út 77.
Tel: +36/1-252-9015
The institution offers primary education for low-vision students (also for those with mild intellectual disability) from all over the country.

Primary School and Dormitory of Hajdu-Bihar County, dr. Kettesy Aladár Primary School Unit for Children with Visual Impairment
Address: 4032 Debrecen, Lóverseny u. 3.
Tel: +36/52-417-945
The institution is open for primary-school age students with visual impairment residing in Hajdu-Bihar County and surrounding areas (primarily Eastern Hungary).


State Institute for the Blind
Address: 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 21.
Tel: +36/1-872-9500
The institution provides Hungarian individuals with visual impairments the following services: rehabilitation services: with study areas in orientation and mobility, daily self-care, household tasks, IT, handcrafts, and other study areas the client may need in his/her everyday life, in order to be independent. The Rehabilitation Service Centre is the only residential, intensive rehabilitation service in Hungary with a history of 38 years;

The State Institute for the Blind has 11 sub centres in different counties for basic rehabilitation services. The State Institute has a Methodological Centre and a National Adult Vision Testing and Condition Assessment Centre.

Other institutions:

University studies on the education of individuals with visual impairment:
ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
Address: 1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 3. (Hungary)
Tel: +36/1-358-5500

Hungarian Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted
Umbrella organization has satellites at least one in every county
Address: 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 47.
Tel: +36/1-384-8440
The federation and its chapters promote the rights of individuals with visual impairments all over the country. The Federation runs a Braille and an audio library, both of which send books on request to federation members in the countryside, and a store of special aids is also available both in the Budapest centre as well as via mail orders. The federation has a dog-guid training school.

Central Hungarian Regional Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Umbrella organization has 3 satellites in the region but also belongs under the Hungarian Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted
Address: 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 57.
Tel: +36/1-384-5541
One of the biggest Hungarian NGOs working for the visually impaired population. Its services vary from awareness raising campaigns, selling special aids and, among others, running a service of physiotherapy with colleagues with visual impairment, in collaboration with various Health Centres in Budapest.

Other NGOs

IT Foundation for the Visually Impaired - INFOALAP
Main Office Address: H-1146 Budapest, Hermina u. 47.
Office Address: H-1145 Budapest, Bácskai u. 29./b
Helpdesk: +36702959188
Tel: +3612733180; +36204255224
The foundation offers individuals with visual impairment, among others:

"Field of view" Foundation
Address: 1192 Budapest, Dobó Katica utca 59/2.
Tel/Fax: +361 280 0929, +36 70 542 2698
The foundation runs a Web accessibility service. Information service, sport events, camps, talking maps, donating

Baráthegyi Guide Dog and Service Dog School Foundation (Baráthegyi Vakvezeto és Segíto Kutya Iskola Alapítvány)
Address: 3529 Miskolc, Park u. 8.
Tel: +36 46 311 236

Perspective-Vision Foundation (Látás-mód Alapítvány)
Address: 3530 Miskolc Király 29. VI/1.
Goals: The Foundation offers services in a wide for the re-integration of VI individuals and enhancement of their QOL.

90 Decibel Foundation
Provides audio description services for cinema and theatre performances

NGOs for rehabilitation services

Creative Forms Foundation (Kreatív formák Alapítvány)
Rehabilitation Service Address: 6728 Szeged, Napos út 16.
Tel: +36 62 444 331; +36 70 377 1254

White Cane Foundation (Fehér Bot Alapítvány)
Address: 4087 Hajdúdorog Fogadó utca 3-5.
Tel: +36-52-232-313
Offers basic rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation Centre for VI of Northern Hungary (Észak-magyarországi Látássérült-rehabilitációs Központ)
Address: 3529 Miskolc, Park u. 8
Tel: +36-46/311-236
Fax: +36-46/555-200

Cornflower Foundation (Búzavirág Alapítvány)
Address: 3941 Vámosújfalu, Kossuth u. 42/A
Tel: +36-47-594-004
Established in 1997, the foundation offers home, residence and work for those with visual impairments without family background. Since 2000 rehabilitation services are also available. 12 residents live in the apartments and 60 people with chronic illness or with disability are employed at the foundation.

Sports and Leisure Association for the Visually Impaired (LÁSS)
Tel: +36/20-9224525
The association offers individuals with and without visual impairment regular physical and recreational activities.