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National Page of Czech Republic

National representative

Name: Mrs. Marketa Skalicka
Position: home visitor, vision stimulation specialist, methodist of vision stimulation programme
Organization: Rana pece EDA, o.p.s (Early intervention centre EDA)
Address: Trojicka 2/387, 128 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Phone: 00420 724 400 818
Website: Rana pece EDA webpage

Educational institutions

Special Kindergarten Beroun

Director: Bc. Jana Mullerová
National representative: Mgr. Jiřina Čermáková
Address: Hostímská 0439, Beroun
Phone: + 420 311 626 393 - director, + 420 311 626 063 - Special Care Center, + 420 606 715 842 - mobile phone
Fax: + 420 311 611 727
Website: Special Kindergarten Beroun website

The Middle Bohemia Regional Office, Zborovská 11, 150 00 Prague 5

Description: The Special Kindergarten Beroun provides educational care for children with hearing impairment, dual sensorial impairment (deaf blindness) and with hearing impairment in combination with multiple handicaps, when the communication process is seriously disrupted.
The Special Kindergarten is residential and in operation all year. There is a home for maximum of 30 children. The special care of children is ensured by educated stuff in cooperation with specialists. The principal aim of our institution is the education of our children.
By the Special Kindergarten is also set up the Special Educational Center.

Special Educational Center by the kindergarten Lentilka for visually impaired Hradec Králové

Established by: Hradec Králové region
Director: Mgr. Daniela Holečková
National representative: Jana Hanušová
Address: Šimkova 879, 500 03 Hradec Králové
Phone: + 420 495 518 261
Website: Special Educational Center by the kindergarten Lentilka for visually impaired Hradec Králové website

Characteristic of organization: Fieldwork with clients in the age of 3 to 18 years, cooperation with family and school, consultant services, psychological support, preparation of text and work books in Braille, leisure time activities for clients of our Special Educational Center.

Current topics: role of assistant teacher in school, integration of multihandicaped children, printing of materials in Braille.

Kindergarten for visual impaired children Zlín, Special Educational Center for visual impaired Zlín

Established by: Zlín region
Director: Mgr. Miroslava Urbánková
National representative: Mgr. Miroslava Urbánková
Phone: + 420 577210054

Description: Kindergarten Zlín provides educational care for children with visual impairment, reeducation and compensation of visual impairments of children, their preparation for successful integration in school in the place of their domicile.
Special Educational Center provides complex care to integrated visually impaired children, to their teachers and parents in the Zlín region.

Current topics: reeducation and compensation of visual impairments, integration of visually impaired children, International graphic and plastic competition of visually impaired children "Radost tvořit" (Joy of creation) as a concomitant program of The International movie festival for children and youth in Zlín - IXth year volume.

Jan Deyl Conservatory and Secondary School for Visually Impaired

Director: Mgr. Milada Rybářová
Fax: 0042 257 533 136
National representative: Mgr. Ema Gallová, Bc. - Deputy director
Fax: 0042 602 960 966
Address: Maltézské nám. 14, 118 00 Praha 1 - Malá Strana, Czech Republic
Website: Jan Deyl Conservatory and Secondary School for Visually Impaired website

Activity: secondary and higher education in music Purpose: Jan Deyl Conservatory and Secondary School for Visually Impaired is the only conservatory in Europe, which specializes in music education of visually impaired. The school provides education of classical instrument playing, opera singing and piano tuning. This music education has got a long tradition in the Czech Republic and the great majority of graduates find a full respectful job in the music branch. They work as music teachers, music professionals or they can study at university or work in other fields because they are also very well educated in general subjects (languages, computers, psychology, pedagogy, history, history of culture etc.). Subjects of special preparation are very important for students too (braill writing, braill music writing, computer music writing and composing, using compensational aids, space orientation, practical education). The school insists also on students' physical training, physical rehabilitation and compensational physical exercising. There are two fully equipped student residences to stay as the part of school building, which is situated in the Prague center next to the Charles Bridge. The school provides catering too.

Full time education in the Czech language for students with the licensed residence (e.g. EU citizen, study stay etc.) in the Czech Republic is free of charge. Persons interested can ask for educational courses of Czech language, study preparation courses and consultations of instrument playing or singing. For those, who are not interested in full time study, the school provides courses of instrument playing, voice and piano tuning of various length of study terms.

Jan Deyl Conservatory cooperates with the EU educational agencies and looks for partners to develop various educational projects for visually impaired students.

Secondary School, Elementary School, and Pre-school for the Visually Impaired, Brno

Established by: Ministry of Education, Youth, and Physical Fitness, Czech Republic
Director: Mgr. Dagmar Sýsová
Contact: PhDr. Michal Trhlík
Address: Kamenomlýnská 2, Brno
Phone: secondary school 543 212 531 / 543 211 149, elementary school 543 321 303 / 543 248 576, director 543 212 612
Website: Secondary School, Elementary School, and Pre-school for the Visually Impaired, Brno website

The school facilities consist of six buildings surrounded by fenced-in areas, all of which are the property of the state upon which the above schools are authorized to operate.

The school consists of the following parts:

The main purpose and mission of the school is the education and shaping of children, pupils, and students with specific education needs, in the area of pre-school education, as well as in the areas of elementary and secondary education.

Current issues: computer literacy, inter-institutional relations, project instruction, prevention of pathological social phenomena, environmental education, values and life-skills education; orientation and mobility of visually-impaired, specific learning disabilities, music therapy and rehabilitation of children with serious handicap, strengthening self-confidence of pupils and students with low self-esteem, creation of textbooks for the visually-impaired, knowledge-testing for students, founding a virtual firm under CEFIF - increased employability on labor market.

Jaroslav Ježek School, Kindergarten, Basic School and practical school for visually impaired

Founder: Ministry of Education
Director: Mgr. Jan Hájek
National representative: Mgr. Jan Hájek
Phone: +420220515264 / +420220515124
Website: Jaroslav Ježek School, Kindergarten, Basic School and practical school for visually impaired website

Description: School focuses on education of children with serious visual impairment in preschool age, in school age and in the practical school we focus on education of students with multiple handicap.
Our school centres on special skills education (mobility, visual therapy, typhlopedical care...), handling with electronic and optical compensational and rehabilitation aids, music education and languages education.

Topical theme in organization: Celebration of 200 years anniversary of foundation of the school and 100 years anniversary of the composer Jaroslav Ježek's birth.

Obchodní akademie (Commercial Academy), Opava

Established by: Northern Moravian region (Moravskoslezský kraj)
Director: Ing. Petr Kyjovský
National representative: RNDr. Zdeněk Binar
Phone: 553 759 160/ 553 625 072
Website: Obchodní akademie (Commercial Academy), Opava website

Characteristics: The field of study "Obchodní akademie pro zrakově postiľenou mládeľ" (Commercial Academy for visually impaired students) exists there since 1984. Our academy has created appropriate backgrounds and technical equipment for this form of study (special lighting in classes, adjustable seats, special aids including PC and TV magnifying glass).
The amount of pupils in classes for visual impaired children is less than 10, which enables individual access of teachers to pupils according to their abilities. Our teachers have longtime praxis in teaching visually impaired students. Both pupils of special schools for visually impaired and visually impaired students who were integrated in basic school classes can study this field on our school. A recommendation from their school is requested when they want to study the academy. For more info see our web pages.

TEREZA, center supporting independent study of visually impaired at university

Established by: The Nuclear and Physically Engineering Faculty, Czech Technical University in Prague
Director: Jan Mareš
National representatives: Wanda Gonzúrová, Radek Seifert
Phone: +420 224 358 543
Website: TEREZA, center supporting independent study of visually impaired at university website

Characteristic: We are a center for informative and technological support, our main instrument of support is special computer technology and know how, how to use this technology effectively and how to teach others to use it.

Our main goals on the subject of our clients are:

Current topics: Support during the study of exact sciences (mathematics, physics, ...), cataloguing of digitalized documents, processing relief graphic readouts, training of workers in rehabilitation in terms of informatics


The Association for Early Intervention

Form of Establishment: Civic Association
Director: Mgr. Terezie Hradilková
National representatives: Mgr. Terezie Hradilková
Phone: +420 224 826 858
Fax: +420 224 817 407
Website: The Association for Early Intervention website

Characteristic: Association for Early Intervention runs seven centres for early intervention and Methodology Centre. We provide early intervention services to the parents and families of

The Early Intervention Centre provides services to the parents in the form of: regular home visits from counsellors, centre-based services like vision stimulation or rehabilitation, recommending and lending suitable toys and special aids, organising day-long lectures on various subjects, week-long courses for whole families, lending specialised literature, producing bulletin "ROLNIČKA" - "Jingle bell", parents groups and meetings, support of mainstreaming , finding kindergarten or day care centre, assistance of the psychologist, accompanying parents when ask for allowances or visiting some institution... We employ a number of professionals. In order to provide the best possible services, all of the counsellors also have another specialisation, e.g. orientation and mobility, visual stimulation, social consultancy, daily living skills, care of children with additional handicaps, psychology, physical therapy... The Early Intervention Centre works in close collaboration with a number of specialists e.g. psychologists, physicians, physical therapists, and toy-maker.

Czech Blind United

Website: Czech Blind United website