Impact of the conference on future developments

Plenary session 4, Thursday 13 July 2000, 14.00 - 15.30

In preparation of this session the programme committee sent the following letter to six participants containing a special request:

"For the European conference of ICEVI we have made a programme comprising many different activities: plenary and parallel sessions, poster and video presentations, exhibitions about a broad range of subjects regarding the education and rehabilitation of children and youngsters with a visual impairment, our daily work.

The intention of such an event which we call 'conference' - this word originally means 'bringing together' - is that it has a surplus value for all those who have been brought together. We think of: acquiring knowledge; acquiring new ideas; getting inspired and motivated to initiate new developments; strengthening existing contacts, establishing new contacts; all this aimed at the improvement of our work. The essential question of those who bring the people together is to know whether their intentions have been realised; to know what people have learned from the conference; to know whether the conference has come up to the expectations of the participants; to know what may be improved at a next conference.

We would like to raise these questions in the last plenary session on Thursday afternoon from 14.00 -1 5.30. To this end we would like to invite six participants to tell in 7 - 1 0 minutes what the conference, the being together with so many colleagues from all over Europe has meant to them, what they have learned from it, what new ideas they have been given, what they will actually do with these ideas in the new school year in their own work situation.

On behalf of the programme committee I would like to ask you to make a contribution to this session as one of the above six participants. You can do this in one of the six conference languages. It will not cost you any additional preparation time, you just need to be extra alert during the conference."

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