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4th Workshop
Training of Teachers of the Visually Impaired in Europe

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by Eberhard Fuchs, Chairman ICEVI-Europe

This 4th ICEVI Teacher Training Seminar takes forward the ICEVI aim to improve the knowledge and skills of professionals working with and for visually impaired people, as the quality of education depends on well-trained professionals. For this, our 4th seminar in the series, ICEVI returned to the original venue, to Budapest in Hungary, where we enjoyed once again the unforgettable hospitality and wonderful support from our colleagues in Budapest.

My role in this 4th seminar was, and is, quite new, because I replaced Herman Gresnigt in this role. He, as the former chairman of ICEVI Europe, started this program and ensured that there would be high quality contributions and discussions at it. Herman founded this workshop in Budapest and this 4th seminar brought us again back to the original place. This kind of seminar is definitely not just a routine, but is highly appreciated by colleagues from all over Europe, with a special focus on the Eastern European countries.

This 4th seminar has the title: ICEVI - Inclusion Network on all Levels.
It was organised by Solveig Sjöstedt, Finland, currently University of Sarajewo, and Prof. Emmy Csocsan, University of Dortmund, in cooperation with Prof. Pronay, Budapest. Four parallel working groups dealt with the following subjects

The success of such a seminar cannot be measured but can be interpreted through the statements of the participants. Relying on this method of evaluation, Budapest was again a great success!.

The last discussion at the seminar focussed on the question of whether or not these teacher training workshops should continue. The outcome was an agreement to hold the next workshop in the Slovak Republic, to be planned and organised once again by ICEVI Europe. To ensure that seminars like this will continue, there needs to be a strong partner, which is ICEVI, supported by many, many partners who are members of ICEVI, and that means not just all participants at this seminar, but also all professionals working in the field of visual impairment throughout Europe!

This seminar was run on a very low budget to enable people from all over Europe to participate. Due to financial considerations we have decided to publish the proceedings on our website and also possibly to distribute it via CD. I hope you agree with this decision. Without the costs of publishing a book, this means that we have saved money for more seminars!

Wuerzbug, 2005-02-08

Eberhard Fuchs
Chairman ICEVI-Europe

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