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Sandy Niemann and Namita Jacob: Helping Children Who Are Blind

Greetings from the Hesperian Foundation! We are pleased to inform you of our newest publication, Helping Children Who Are Blind (ISBN 0-942364-34-1). Written by Sandy Niemann and Namita Jacob, this 200 page book launches our Early Assistance Series for parents, caregivers, teachers, health workers, rehabilitation workers and others who help children with disabilities during the critical first five years of life.

Helping Children Who Are Blind provides crucial tools for helping children with visual impairments learn and grow to their fullest potential, and become vital, active community members. The book covers many topics, including: assessing how much a child can see; preventing blindness; helping a child learn to move around safely; how to include learning activities in daily work; preparing for child care or school; and supporting parents of blind children. The simple activities in each chapter can help families, health workers, and others assist children with vision problems to develop all his or her capabilities. As with all Hesperian titles, the book makes blindness a community issue and introduces activities which enable those without any formal education to use this guide to care for and support children who are blind. In addition, the book contains many useful black and white line drawings which help to illustrate the text and the activities suggested.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Gonzalves
Hesperian Foundation

Hesperian is a non-profit publisher dedicated to promoting health, self-determination and sustainability in poor communities worldwide. Our best-known publication, Where There IsNo Doctor, a heavily illustrated and simply written manual, translated into over 80 languages, is the most widely used community health manual in the world.

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