International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, European region

Job description of contact persons in Europe


  1. The contact person is a member of the general meeting of ICEVI-Europe, conform article 16.2 of the articles of association.
  2. The contact person takes part of the meeting in the sub region, which is leaded by the member of the board.
  3. The contact person observes and points out special events and activities that could be important for the European Board, European chairperson and for the European Newsletter, such as conferences, workshops, anniversaries.
  4. The contact person communicates with the sub regional member of the board and/or European chairperson about needs and demands in his or her country and about possible twinning contacts.
  5. From time to time, the contact person supplies copy for the European Newsletter about what is happening in his or her country.
  6. The contact person supplies agenda items for the meeting of the European board.
  7. The contact person improves and updates information for the member of the Board and for the website.

From the contact person is expected:

  1. He or she has to be employed in the field of education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.
  2. He or she should have a good network of contacts in his or her country in the field of the education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.
  3. He or she has time to fulfil the function and is able to attend the meetings.
  4. He or she is able to communicate in English (or by means of someone else).


  1. Membership of ICEVI-Europe
  2. The nomination has to be done with a written letter of support from the representative organisation in the country or sub region.
  3. The appointment takes place by the General Assembly and the duration is 4 years. Reappointment is possible.
  4. Before the official appointment the board can decide to appoint under the condition of approval of the General Assembly.
  5. The appointment will be confirmed in writing.

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