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Association of ICEVI-Europe

On 8th March 2007 was incorporated the association of ICEVI-Europe. It is governed by Articles of association of ICEVI-Europe.
In by-laws, adopted in accordance with the Articles of Association, you can find information about the countries of the sub regions, the number of contact persons per country and the voting rights.
The Articles of Association were amended on August 14, 2013 accordance to the decisions taken by the general meeting/general assembly of July 4, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.

Download new Annual report 2013 [DOC, 4,9 MB].
Older annual reports: Annual report 2012 [DOC, 4,6 MB] | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008.

Members of European Committee of ICEVI 2013-2017
Mrs. Betty Leotsakou, president
Ministry of education, K.D.A.Y of Athens
12 Ioannou Kotsou street, Glyka Nera 15354 Athens, Greece
Tel.: 0030 210 6040003
Cell: 0030 6936 040630
Skype: betty.leotsakou
E-mail: bleotsakou at gmail.com
Betty Leotsakos

Mr. Klaus Hoem, representing subregion Baltic and Nordic countries
Chief Executive Officer, The National Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted (IBOS)
Rymarksvej 1, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
Tel.: 00 45 39 452545
Fax: 00 45 39 452525
Skype: Klaushoem
E-mail: kh at ibos.dk

Countries: dk, ee, fi, is, lv, lt, no, se.

Klaus Hoem

Mr. Steve McCall, representing subregion English speaking countries
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Skype: steve.mccall2
E-mail: s.mccall at bham.ac.uk

Countries: ie, uk + il.

Steve McCall

Mrs. Nathalie Lewi-Dumont, representing subregion French speaking countries
58/60 Avenue des Landes
92 150 Suresnes, France
Tel.: 0033 1 4144 3100
Skype: nath9260
E-mail: nathalielewi at gmail.com

Countries: be, fr, ch.

Nathalie Lewi-Dumont

Mrs. Ana Isabel Ruiz López, representing subregion South European countries
ONCE Director of Education and Employment
Dirección General de la ONCE
C/ Prado 24, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Tel.: 0034 91 5894881
Fax: 0034 91 4293118
Skype: anaruizonce
E-mail: airl at once.es

Countries: it, mt, pt, es, ad, mc, sm.

Ana Isabel Ruiz Lopez

Mr. Dieter Feser, representing subregion German and Dutch speaking countries
Chief Executive Officer NIKOLAUSPFLEGE Stiftung für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen
Fritz-Elsas-Str. 38 70174 Suttgart, GERMANY
Tel.: 0049 711 6564969
Fax: 0049 711 6564900
Skype: kadife2012
E-mail: dieter.feser at nikolauspflege.de

Countries: at, be, de, it, lu, nl, ch, li, lu.

Dieter Feser

Mrs. Krisztina Kovacs, representing subregion Central European countries
ELTE University Barczi Gusztav Faculty of Special Education
Ecseri ut 3, Budapest-1097, Hungary
tel: 00 36 302444983
Skype: kovacskriszta62
E-mail: kkovacs.sza at gmail.com or kkovacs at barczi.elte.hu

Countries: cz, hu, pl, sk, si.

Krisztina Kovacs

Mrs. Liliya Plastunova, representing subregion East European countries
St. Petersburg Regional Children's Hospital, Eye Microsurgery Department
Str.Otvazhnuh 2-2-41, St. Petersburg 198205, Russia
Tel.: 007 812 3686967
Cell: 007 921 3491990
Skype: plastunoval
E-mail: plastunoval at gmail.com

Countries: am, az, bl, ge, kz, md, ru, tj, ua.

Liliya Plastunova

Mrs. Andrea Hathazi, representing subregion Balkan countries
Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences,
Special Education Department
Office. No.7, Sindicatelor Street, 400029 Cluj- Napoca, Romania
Tel.: 0040 264 405 337,
Fax: 0040 264 590 559, Cell: 0040 740 061 752
Skype: andrea.hathazi1
E-mail: ahathazi at yahoo.com

Countries: al, ba, bg, hr, cy, gr, mk, ro, yu, tr.

Andrea Hathazi
Advisor of ICEVI-Europe

Mr. Francis Boé
Skype: francis.boe.3333
E-mail: francis.boe at free.fr

Francis Boe
Immediate Past President
Mr. Hans Welling
Royal Dutch Visio
Centre of expertise for visually impaired people
Postbus 1180, 1270 BD Huizen, The Netherlands
Tel.: 0031 35 6973200
Fax: 0031 35 6973201
Skype: J.A.Welling
E-mail: wellingja at yahoo.com
Hans Welling
Executive Assistant to the President
Mrs. Martha Gyftakos, MBA
K.D.A.Y of Athens
12 Ioannou Kotsou street, Glyka Nera 15354 Athens, Greece
Cell: 0030 698 5017840.
Fax: 0030 210 3511505,
Skype: marthagyftakos
E-mail: mgyftakos at yahoo.com
Martha Gyftakos

Profile of the president:

  • International experience concerning rehabilitation and education of people with visual impairment
  • Managerial experience
  • Availability at least one day a week
  • Ability to travel
  • Availability of a secretariat
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Availability of financial support to do his/her work

Network of contact persons

Europe consists of many countries, especially since the early nineties, when many countries in Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia became independent.

Since the 5th European Conference of ICEVI in Cracow, we have now in 50 countries a contact person. He/She will help us to provide information about activities in their country on the National Page. Read also the job description of the contact persons.

Contact persons per country

Number of inhabitantsNumber of contact persons
< 20 milj1 contact person
> 20 milj < 50 milj2 contact persons
>50 milj3 contact persons

This means that all countries have 1 contact person, except countries with more than one contact person:

Country Number of contact persons
Belgium 2 contact persons
France 3 contact persons
Germany 3 contact persons
Italy3 contact persons
Ukraine 2 contact persons
Poland 2 contact persons
Romania 2 contact persons
Russia 3 contact persons
Spain 2 contact persons
Turkey 3 contact persons
United Kingdom 3 contact persons

Special interest groups

European network for psychologists [new window] and related professions working in the field of Visual Impairment chaired by Peter Rodney, MA (Applied Psychology), Educational consultant, Member of European Committee of ICEVI.